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Indefinite Sequence of Existence


Indefinite Sequence of Existence (2023)
Height: 271 cm
Circumference: 854 cm
Material: Charcoal, acrylic paint and pencil on paper installed on sylinder of plywood.


Indefinite Sequence of Existence was my contribution to the graduation exhibition of Tromsø Art Academy 2023, Temporary Arrival. It consists of approximately nine meters of drawing installed on a wooden sylinder, in a continuing circle. The drawing is seven separate papers with different hight and length, but the motif on them is one continuing one. 

The title is made with origins in the Oxford Dictionary of time: «Indefinite and continuing sequence of existence and events (…)». The motif is a myriad of impressions, summarized in a reflection on time and existence, with my relationship with the nature around me in focus. 


The exhibition Temporary Arrival had the official opening May 25th 2023, and was open until June 8th 2023. It was curated by Karolin Tampere and produced by Tromsø Kunstforening. Because of the refurbishing of Tromsø Kunstforening’s building, Temporary Arrival was located in the old building of Mack brewery.


Artists shown in the exhibition: Niels Nielsen (MA), Solfrid Elise Lindblom (BA), Synnøve Fatland (BA), Sebastian Lavin (BA), Loulou Buxbom (BA) and Malin Tara Sakstad (BA).

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